Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Generates Brand Excitement

Fashion Week is filled with runway shows and has been a critical part of the fashion industry for decades. Clothing companies present their line for next season by putting on elaborate shows of models wearing their clothes and walking down a runway. The shows are usually privately held for reporters, socialites, industry moguls, and store buyers. Although producing fashion shows is a standard practice for these high-end fashion brands, it is not commonly done by retail chain stores. Although, one specialty retail company is known fro breaking the norm by hosting famous fashion shows.


Victoria’s Secret has held an annual fashion show since the 1990’s. It has featured top models including Tyra Banks and Heidi Klum in the past, and continues to do so. Additionally, Victoria’s Secret has multiple musical artists perform during the show. This year, Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars and The Weeknd all performed on the runway. This year’s show was held in Paris, France and was televised on Monday, December 5th. Strategically held in early December, the fashion show is intended to promote their entire product line before the holidays.

After the show, Victoria’s Secret began promoting special gifts with purchase that were featured in the fashion show. For example, they sent out e-mails promoting a free PINK brand beanie that was worn in the fashion show with any PINK purchase. On their website, they were also offering a free tote bag with a purchase of $75 or more. The tote was marketed as the official tote of the Victoria’s Secret 2016 Fashion Show.


While the fashion show was great for gaining exposure of their products and excitement for the brand, it also allowed for great promotional opportunities. By showing the PINK beanies with some of the athletic looks and by creating an official fashion show tote, they created products that would be sought out just for being seen as a staple piece from the show. Then, by offering those pieces as gifts rather than just making them available for sale, they incurred more sales of other products from customers looking to get the free gift. Overall, the show leads to high levels of anticipation from fans, a boost in sales, and many opportunities to promote the company through Internet marketing.


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