Keeping in Touch with Darling Subscribers

One issue that many businesses face is staying relevant and remaining in the consumers’ minds. This can be particularly challenging for companies that deal with more seasonality of their products or services. While subscription services often provide a product each month and disperse their income accordingly, some have transactions occur far less frequently. For example, Darling Magazine publishes a new issue every quarter, but must continue revenue-incurring operations year-round. While they must keep in mind how they will bring in cash flow through out the year, they must also stay relevant to their customers, so they will remain interested and continue to purchase magazines months later.


Darling is a magazine written by women for women. They write about all different issues that women face, encourage one another, and inspire each other to be better. Staying true to their belief that every woman is beautiful and strong in their own way, they promise never to photoshop or manipulate the appearance of the women featured in their magazines.


So far, Darling has done an outstanding job in creating a unique brand for their magazine and keeping their subscribers’ attention by keeping up-to-date in their social media and online presence. Seeing as magazine readers are always looking for the latest news and want to frequently read new content, Darling keeps a current blog on their website, Here, they frequently post new articles for all the different types of women the magazine caters to: the hostess, the dreamer, the confidant, the stylist, the explorer, the beautician, the intellectual, and the achiever. Darling writers fill in the gaps by creating new posts that discuss current events that occur in between magazine issues or that may no directly relate to the topic of the next issue. By providing online content for their audience, Darling is increasing their customer retention by continuously bringing readers back to their website between issue releases.


To further increase interaction with their readers, Darling maintains their social media to be very true to brand with much more frequent posts. They are much more involved with their followers on these platforms, especially Instagram where they have over 275,000 followers. The brand usually posts about 2-3 times daily, and encourages their users to post Darling related content as well. Their signature hashtag, #thatsdarling, has over 6.7 million public images on Instagram alone. Furthermore, they ask followers to share about their weekend using #darlingweekend. They share a collage of some of their favorite posts every Monday on the platform. They utilize other hashtags as well, like #darlingadventure, but post about them less often.


Overall, Darling has created quite a large and responsive following for themselves. Through utilizing social media and providing additional content online, they have found a balance and are able to keep their audience involved year round while selling a seasonal product.


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