Nike Makes Gift Giving a Slam Dunk


As the Holidays quickly approach, companies are in a marketing battle with each other, competing for the consumer’s dollar. While many believe that generating more exposure is the best way to attract more customers, posting too many ads may have the opposite affect. Bombarding shoppers with overwhelming amounts of e-mails and catalogs can actually turn them off from your store if they feel that it is too repetitive. The key to drawing in business during this season is creating clever ads, relating to customers’ needs, and making your store or website very convenient to shop from.

Nike is known to be a very marketing-focused company, and it often shows in their ads, especially during the holidays. Throughout the holidays, Nike has participated in e-mail marketing of course, but they limit themselves to what is necessary. They have sent out a handful of e-mails to their subscribers to promotes special holiday deals and new products, but they have not gone overboard like so many of their competitors tend to do.


As convenience is key, Nike put together numerous gift guides on their website. They categorized guides for passionate runners, dedicated trainers, athletes of all different sports, sneaker lovers, and more. They even have subcategories of men, women, boys and girls to make shopping even easier. Although some may just be interested in browsing to get ideas for what to get their loved ones, Nike obviously is trying to get sales from these guides which is why they made the contents easy to add to the shopping cart and checkout. They even have a section to shop for gift cards in case shoppers still aren’t certain on what to purchase. They offer a selection of designs and have limited-edition miniature shoebox holders for the cards. For those who need it in a timelier manner, Nike also offers e-mailed gift cards.


Even though Nike makes it very easy to purchase a tangible gift card with your order and offer the e-mail gift cards, they understand that sometimes you still need a last minute gift, and may not want to take advantage of the e-mail option. During last year’s holiday season, they shipped out an empty gift card with simple packaging in each order mailed out in December. To save on cost, they didn’t send out their usual plastic cards, but instead a cardboard version that looked almost identical to it. They simply added a card with it saying that if you forgot someone on your list, you could activate this card on their website and it would be ready to be gifted. This marketing technique was clever and well executed on Nike’s part. They saw a problem in that many people often scramble for last minute gifts, don’t want it to appear that they found something last minute. Then they solved it by sending the “last minute gift” cards out. Not only were customers who used the cards as gifts very grateful for them, but they also spent more of their money at Nike when they might not have been planning to.

When businesses are more focused on what they do well and how they could do that even better, they are more likely to attract repeat customers with their quality of service rather than trying to blindly bring in as many shoppers as possible. Personally as someone who ordered a gift from Nike last year and who activated the gift card and used that as well, I know that I will be purchasing gifts from them again this year.


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