Lauren Conrad’s Branded Social Media & Her Success

One of an entrepreneur’s greatest assets or weaknesses is how they brand themselves. While networking and presenting themselves well in business settings are both extremely important, some underestimate how much of an impact their social media has on their personal image. It is vital for individuals who are looking for new business opportunities to not only maintain polished and professional social media pages, but also to create their own, unique self-brand on those platforms.

One of Hollywood’s very own, Lauren Conrad, is a standout example of how social media branding can create so many new opportunities. Lauren rose into fame years ago when she starred on MTV’s television show, The Hills. The show followed Lauren and a few of her friends in the “reality” of their lives working in the fashion industry in Los Angeles. After a few seasons, the show was cancelled and the girls continued working and living out of the spotlight. However, as Lauren worked her way up in the industry, she began gaining new work opportunities and was standing out once more for her accomplishments.


With the rise of social media sites like Instagram and Pinterest, Conrad created her pages following her personal style of light, pastel colors (especially pink), and a very feminine design. She quickly gained a massive following as she continued to post images from her everyday life, new work ventures, and her inspirations. With over 5.4 million Instagram followers, she has gained quite a fan base, which is very helpful when she posts to promote on her business ventures.

As Lauren continued in her career, she started to branch off with new projects that still fit in the brand she created for herself. Remaining in the industry, she took her love of fashion to the next level and designed her own clothing line. LC Lauren Conrad is very true to her own soft, feminine style and is sold exclusively in Kohl’s stores.


Lauren continued to find new projects for herself and followed another one of her passions, writing. She started off by writing novels, but her large following gave her the opportunity to go in another direction as well. She continued to write books about her personal style and even beauty tips and how she mastered her own signature look. Despite all this, her fans still wanted more. Lauren often posts pictures on Instagram of details and decorations from parties and gatherings that she hosts, and her followers go crazy for them. This led to yet another book, this one about Lauren’s favorite things about hosting get-togethers and tips to make your own parties as well planned out as her own. To even further pursue her love of writing, she started her own website and blog, Here, she posts about everything including fashion, fitness, beauty, crafts, food, and her favorite things to read.


Even with so many balls in the air, Lauren is able to maintain her self-brand in each project she takes on and they are very distinguishably hers. While she sometimes promotes her work on her personal Instagram account, @laurenconrad, she made a couple other accounts as well. @laurenconrad_com is designated for her website and blog, and @lclaurenconrad is where she promotes her Kohl’s fashion line. These pages have about 877,000 and nearly 700,000 followers respectfully, and remain very true to her feminine and light style. While Lauren is a very ambitious young entrepreneur and would be very successful regardless, her personal brand has done wonders for her and tying all of her work together as something that is recognizably hers.


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