“Lushies” on YouTube

screen-shot-2016-11-27-at-4-41-58-pmLush Cosmetics is a cosmetic company known for using fresh ingredients in their handmade products, fighting animal testing norms, and practicing ethical buying. With these principles, they stand out from industry competitors and have created a strong fan following.

The company has a strong presence on social media, and utilizes their YouTube channel to interact with new and returning customers. Some of their products are quite different than what consumers are accustomed to, for example their dry toothpaste comes in powder form or in tablets that are chewed before brushing. To ease any uncertainties, Lush creates YouTube videos that show visuals of how to use their products and link them to the product pages on their website. In addition to finding a “How to Use” video when looking up a new product, customers can also find videos showing “How it’s Made” for most products. These videos promote the fresh and natural ingredients used, as well as creating interest in the unique, handmade products. Lush’s YouTube channel is primarily focused on these two types of videos, but also includes videos promoting new products, collections, and special events.

In addition to their own channel, Lush fans, affectionately known as Lushies, are responsible for over a million Lush related videos. Ranging from Lush product reviews to haul videos where vloggers talk about everything they recently purchased from the store, these videos serve the company with great word-of-mouth advertising. While the cosmetics company does not sponsor these promotional videos, they do occasionally reach out to popular YouTubers and offer collaborative opportunities.

Jaclyn Forbes has accumulated over 3 million YouTube subscribers and posts videos about topics ranging from her vegan lifestyle, special effects makeup looks, and of course Lush products. Her haul videos and product reviews have become so popular that Lush will send her gift boxes with new products and seasonal items for her to talk about and review. As her videos have gotten more and more popular, Lush took their relationship to the next level and invited Jaclyn and a couple friends to visit their factory in Toronto, Canada. The brand ambassador filmed her experience in the factory, which later received over 3 million views and a 97% positive rating.

Partnerships like these are a great way to create good will with social media influencers and generate a positive brand image. Having brand ambassadors, like Jaclyn, are an effective way to attract new customers, create a level of trust with the company and their products, and generate excitement about new products.

See Jaclyn’s Lush Factory visit here: LUSH FACTORY TOUR




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