Taco Bell’s Costume Contest Brings in Halloween Fanatics


Social Media contests are a great way for organizations to promote their business without spending a large sum on advertising. Many companies will offer small prizes to lucky participants who follow them on that social media platform and simply repost a promotional image. While this ad-sharing model is great at increasing exposure, contests that require more user involvement create much more interest in the company, which in turn creates greater customer retention.

Taco Bell recently concluded their first Halloween costume contest, #alltacosevecontest. Fans were asked to create an original Halloween costume inspired by Taco Bell and share images on Instagram and Twitter. The fast food chain offered one grand prize winner $1,000 cash, a $500 gift card, a trip for two to visit the Taco Bell headquarters, and the opportunity to collaborate with them to create a version of the costume to be available for sale. In addition to this, three runner-up contestants would be awarded $500 cash and a $500 Taco Bell gift card.

With around 1,000 contest entries, the contest was huge success for the taco company in three ways. First of all, the competition created a large presence of social media advertisement in return for the fairly small cost incurred by providing the prizes. Having the contest entries posted on Instagram and Twitter created a sense of curiosity and interest about the company on the social networking platforms.

Furthermore, many participants went a step further when taking pictures of their costumes and went to their local Taco Bell for an appropriate setting. The contest brought previous customers into stores, which led to them ordering a meal, and even props for their costumes. Many participants ordered the menu item that they dressed up as, or even a box or two of 12 tacos to bring to their Halloween parties. While this wasn’t Taco Bell’s priority for the contest, it certainly was a nice concurrence to have a small boost in sales.

Lastly, the All Taco’s Eve Contest promoted customer retention. While the competition was great for creating interest in Taco Bell for this Halloween season, it also will create the same interest in the following Halloween’s to come. By starting this tradition, consumers will be excited not only to create new entries in the upcoming years, but also to see others’ creations. This year’s grand prize went to Madelyn Vale for her burrito costume. As the contest stipulated, Taco Bell will be collaborating with her to create a costume inspired by hers that will be available for sale next Halloween. Selling this costume will appeal to customers who want to dress up in a fun, Mexican food related costume, but may not be inclined to make their own. Either way, fans will have an opportunity to dress up in Taco Bell fashion next year, which is a great way for the company to increase customer retention.

In addition to building retention among the masses, the contest will definitely increase customer loyalty with the contest winners. With a $500 gift card in hand, these four winners are obviously very likely to continue coming back to Taco Bell. Additionally, being chosen for having one of the best costumes is likely to have improved their relationship with the corporation, and will likely lead to them returning even after their gift cards have been used to completion.

Overall, the All Taco’s Eve Contest was a great opportunity for Taco Bell to attract new customers through visibility on social media, create general interest in the company’s products, generate a correlation with their company and the Halloween season, and retain customers’ interest in the brand.


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